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About Federation Tiles

These terms refer to three different but interrelated concepts.
Like "Victorian" the term Edwardian refers to a period of English history. The many different styles that emerged during this time are collectively called "Edwardian". Art Nouveau is an international style of architecture and decorative arts that first came into being in Paris in the last decade of the 19th century. It was a reaction to the academic art that had prevailed till then, and is characterised by organic, especially floral and insect motifs, as well as highly stylised, flowing curvilinear forms. Although most popular in Europe, its influence was global, even extending to Australia.

Art Nouveau was known by different names in different countries. Though Art Nouveau and Federation are not the same, this style lent itself perfectly to the visual interpretation of our unique flora & fauna. Images of lyre birds, waratahs and flannel flowers rendered in the Art Nouveau style abound. Of course, not all patterns and images of Australian wildlife created during this period of great national significance are Art Nouveau in style, the strong sense of national pride meant that architecture and design of this period was termed, all inclusively, as "Federation".

The extensive range of embossed, transfer and hand-painted feature tiles available from OETA are complemented by our transparent glazed embossed and accessory tiles as well as our plain gloss white and vanilla wall tiles in various sizes.

* Available in Fanfare colour range. (See Art Deco)

** Available in the heritage glaze colour palette (see Plain Wall Tiles).

*** Available in extensive hand painted colour range.